Friday, 6 April 2012



He is my father, equals to tens of hundreds of teachers,

He is the person who carries me for more than twenty years,

He had taught me how to survive,

He is the man who thinks about my welfare all the time,

He showed his life as an example in order to make me struggle for success,

He is the moon who glowed my life showing a right path at darkness,

He was a great looser when I first learned to play chess,

He has a superficial  mind to guess my needs at right time and get the best one for me,

I am an inspirer of many persons but follower for my only father,

He is the universe who hides his pride on me within himself when, I win a small petty games but, shouts at 
me for not studying well,

He showed me what is what and this is this,

He didn’t intend to hurt me and also he didn’t let me to get hurt by someone,

He is a giant who lifts me at the top among the crowd to show myself to god in the temple,

He is my friend who stands first to give me his opinion when I struck with a problem.

He has a lots of thumbs to show me a thumbs up for my unproductive projects,

He is the sun for my cherished circle where I would like to rotate around;

In spite of his heavy of his heavy job, he is the reviewer for my articles,

He is the only person after my mother to think about my prosperous future.

Thanks pa.

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