Monday, 2 April 2012


Trojan virus


      Everyone would have heard about Trojan horse virus and some would have been a victim of that virus during computing. It is a simple malicious program used by a botnet hacker to get an access into one’s personal computer. What it actually does? Simply file corruption? No, It actually get into the computer, replicate by itself when you switch on the BIAS then, it weakens your computer security so as to allow other viral program to crash your pc and finally it give a wide access to the hacker who wishes to access the data of the computer. This program can be spread through spyware advertisement, freeware, etc. These hackers will do data theft, crash the systems, watch the user’s screen, etc…
    But why the name Trojan horse came to this malware virus? Is it just a random name give to a program? No, its not like that always. Once upon a time, may be around 12TH century BC , a war came between Greeks and Trojans and it lasted up to ten year. The main root reason for Trojan war lies on the wedding ceremony of  King Peleus and Queen Nereid from Greece. They invited all the kings and gods to their ceremony but they didn’t invite Eris. So , Eris got angry and she thrown fruits(written with “To the fair person”) on the ceremony. Unfortunately the fruits fell on goddess Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. There raised a controversy who was the beautiful and they went to the lord Zeus(leader of all the gods). He powered Paris to take decision. Paris was offered lands of Asia by Hera, wisdom by Athena and love from a beautiful women by Aphrodite. Paris gave the fruit to Aphrodite. Of course,  Aphrodite was not expected that the beautiful women would be Helen, Queen of Sparta who already got married with Menelaus, King of Sparta. But anyhow Aphrodite managed to save her words of promise by somehow making Helen to fall in love with Paris by using her magical golden love arrow. Thus Helen was confiscated from Sparta . So Menelaus lodged a war towards Paris(King of Trojans, Troy). After a trivial attack  of 10 years ,Spartans were unable to enter into the enemy fort due to presence of Huge wall. Spartans made a plan in such a way that they have to enter the fort as well there should be a unexpected attack for Paris.So, They made a wooden horse and hide inside the wooden horse. Trojans felt that Greek peoples were surrendered and they left their gift to them. They were filled with happiness  which would have made them fool. The horse monument was taken into the Troy and Paris and his soldiers enjoyed their victory. As night begins to show its face, the Greek soldiers inside the wooden horse came out and set up an scathing fire attack towards Troy city and ultimately Spartans tasted the fruit of victory which was pollinated since 10 years. The main character of this war is none other than our non living Wooden Trojan Horse and it stands for its uniqueness till date.
Trojan horse-wood

       Getting back into our virus database, Trojan horse virus is similar to the above story’s main character. The hacker will leave you freeware containing virus as his gift and he taste the essence of your computer. Many Spartans have placed their gifts in front of you. I hope you would not be a Paris hereafter. 

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