Friday, 20 April 2012

Is It Globalization Or Thralldom?

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Is It Globalization Or Thralldom?

 Where Are We Running Towards ? Bursting into the pictures of  world trade events during last quarters of 20th  century, India had made some smart changes in it’s policy . The most adept changes that inverted the darkest color of our economy is Globalization of Indian Economy. Yes, It was after 1990’s when India has agreed to open it’s gates of economy for foreign investors. Many companies like coco cola, Peter England, Marry brown, Spencer plaza and many other corporations passed through the gateway. In fact, this has given us competitive environment for business ,improved our quality in many aspects and solved our unemployment problems which was one of the predicament at that period. I need to remind you a quote by Clinton “To build an Area , Destroy an Area” It is true in our case also. It has solved some crucial problems that we faced but actually, it has sourced our country’s man power and earned a lot from us.
  We need our economy to be globalized or not? I am sure ,you will be little understood what I am actually approaching to you . We  will always be intended to perform a hard task successfully with our hard workmanship. This had made many IT MNC’s to look  towards India for their investment. Thus most of our economy now a days is dependent on foreign market. If the American market collapsed , our market also seems to be disturbed badly. Are we following globalization policy or dependency policy? It should be sparked on everyone’s mind.
  We have many of our indigenous markets like Bovonto, Kalimark, Shesha solar powers, Maruthi, Mahindra, Solider TV etc. But most of these companies were uprooted from our market by foreign companies. Most of the children at present may be does not even tasted the grapy flavor of Bovonto. All the televisions that we were buying is foreign made and solider tv is kept as our grandpa’s asset. Every product right from  face cream to car to pencil , we are searching for china make or other foreign companies. We are not bothered to buy our traditional old Indian products because we have made our mind tuned that buying car from Ford company is far superior than buying car from Tata groups. This has made many companies to close their shutter down and simultaneously increased our hankering towards other economies.
  What it finally happen to us? It will be the factual quest that may not been recognized by our mind. When we demand and depend on other, they will surely stand on our head and recommend us to agree for their ungenerous agreements. We too will agree if not, our corrupted politicians will be made to agree. At the time of war, for example a with china, china will put an economic and trade barrier with India , ultimately we will have a complete scarcity of commodities like cars, containers, plastic products, etc. Because we have closed our own century old car companies thinking of the availability of luxurious Toyoto, we have replaced our Rasana by Tang, We have replaced every bike components by Chinese spares so that we will have acute spare shortage and so on. Ultimately we will have huge economic tragedy , decrease in per capita income and also increased integration leads to lesser resilience for fluctuation ,etc. Due to this, we will be attacked by both at inner country and also in our borders
 What we need to do? We have to encourage and give preferences for our Indian made projects like solar plant constructions, power plant constructions, car companies, etc and also we should aid and give support to our traditional companies to stand competent in our  market. Trusting the abstract of an Indian project engineer is far better than trusting the words of assurance from the foreign investors.    

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