Saturday, 7 April 2012

Attitude Makes A Man Gentle

It was Saturday  and it was the time, sun was about to climb the earth’s brow. I decided to take a walk after finishing my college work. I know It will take more than a couple of hours to finish my work. Fortunately ,my work relieved me only after the sun descends down. I was left free and I got myself refreshed to walk alone. I took my handset, my wallet and some chocolates with me .I started my journey without fixing any destination. It is a well known fact “What we think when we are in alone, Decides our future”. Usually there will be ping…pong…horn sounds in that road due to heavy traffic. But since it  was  a weekend on that day,  many people remained inside in their home ,watching movies. So the road remained silent and pleasant. Now, many things rolled on my vacuous mind….How did I feared to get into this college which is far from my hometown….How did I scored in my schools…How much teachers have scolded me for my silly mistakes….I was also smiled about myself thinking of my childish actions when my parents bought a gift for me…Thinking of my golden memories with my friends during schoolings, I sat on the parapet wall near a bus stop. There was a petty hotel where they were cooking channa and chappathi in front of me. I was tempted to eat it. So I ordered them two in numbers. Walking a long journey didn’t reminded me about the time but, waiting for the food in an hotel displayed me every  seconds of time on my eyes .It was about to dusk that time. I just saw randomly the jobs going on near the bus stop for the passage of time. I noticed a boy was waiting for a long time to get his bus. Nevertheless, It was not that actually. He was waiting for a girl who is returning to her home through that bus stop after shopping with her friends. The girl after a few minutes came there. I identified her by seeing the smile at the boy’s face. She came nearer to the boys with the hands full of shopping baggages and said him “HELLO”. I think they both were friends already. But I continued to see that scene because that boy had a rose with his hand. So, it baited me something about proposal is going to happen there. As I guessed ,  the boy gave her Rose and proposed her. The girl was stood paused for a minute, seeing that boy with some disgusting face reaction. But she managed to smile at him and said “Please get lost of my sight…. Don’t irritate  me, U r just my friend ..Thats all….But now its  too not….Bye!!” The boy who kept his face down before her . With a dodge,now, lifted his head et smiled at her once .The girl was little bit confused and she left that place with an anguish. The boy came to the same hotel where I was also ordered. He ordered a coffee and sat next to me on the wall. I too was little bit confused about the boy’s reaction for his rejection with that proposal. The waiter bought my Tiffin, the boy’s coffee and gave to us. I was eager to know about his feelings but ,quite nervous to talk with a stranger. It was my eagerness which gave me braveness and I furiously asked him “why did you smiled at her in spite of her rejection ??” .The boy took a sip of coffee and again smiled at me. Then he replied me “I just lost a person who doesn’t really love me. But she lost a person who truly loved her”. The boy’s attitude really gave a flush in my mind. After eating the Tiffin , I left that place thinking of that incidence. The boy has occupied a place in my heart that is left for gentle persons. Yes, that guy's attitude is gentle. The incident gave me a good lesson to me. Then I went to home and started to plan about my next day’s entertainment.
How is it!!! Comment here...:) :)

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  1. Hi Pragadeesan,
    From the way its wrote , it looks like a true incident.. Is it?

    Looks like you are walking with nice thoughts looking back and front:)!

    Nice writeup dude. Enjoy the days.. I love our college roads!


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