Monday, 28 May 2012

Lonely Thoughts-Gospel Of Ray

Ever since man is created on the earth ,he is properly chaperoned by the awesome light. It tells something to us ,paving the way for our welfare. Without light imagine, you are in the darkest corner of the without having the hope to survive further in the terrene . This makes us to think that light is the utmost important thing we needed in our life. Thank god, if light is privatized, none will have the money to buy this precious thing. While talking about precious thing ,I remember the rays that penetrate a filthy dungeon are as pure as those that flood a palace of white marble, so only we are admired and addicted to buy gold,diamonds,etc. This in turn temptates us to earn money  and this sets our goal to our life. 'Ray' it embodies all color within itself.,then think !! how beautiful it is..,It is the most beautiful personality in the world but it remains colorless in front of us. This teaches us how to self behave our self to the world.Finally ,It is not an existence unto itself, but the revelation of its source.
                                                        "It Is YoU"

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