Sunday, 27 May 2012

Billion Weighs Too Much

On a sunny day in the month of June, I was having my lunch in college canteen  and spent my hours in the football court. It is the only place in my college where none will disturb me But, it is not so that day .Like me, my friends also came to that place .Friend in need is a friend in deed ,It is the proverb which my friends had taught me on many occasions. We had hang up on a chat about Vijay ,Ajith fans club. As I am a Surya fan, I was not hiked into the hard conversation. Both of them are my friends. My mind pulled me to the battle ground of two fans, and forced me to support him, but To Whom ??Both are my friends...If I support Ajith fan, I will be thrown into somewhere out of India by that Vijay fan or if I support Vijay,My head will be knocked by ajith fan, It is the minimum punishment that my both friends can afford to me...Else if I remain a Surya fan,then both of them will stop the conversation between but I should be set ready to conversate to both of them.Then I made them to switch over to IPL5, I supported the glorious Mumbai Indians, but at this occasion they both rejoined at csk, so now I am the opponent for the both,Oh my god, the fight again aroused by talk from Chennai to mumbai and ended up with sachin and dhoni.I am being a MI fan is because of sachin playing in that team, but they both liked Dhoni more than Sachin so problem again started to populate,...Finally , I was on the way to the defeat of conversation. But I need not to give with my friend in this issue.So I planned to make a declaration of conversation with no winners But,how?? I acted like that I really got angry and like I was disappointed with their speech and went out of them with rush. They are my friends....I didn't liked to give up to my friends,,,,but they are my friends...they decided to give up Dhoni for me..It really made me to feel guilty but happy to have these friends....Anyhow, it didn't finish , the fight discussion again rose in the field of politics....:(...It seems by my friends act ,their give up for me worth more than a billion, but their activities makes me to feel ,it is better to sleep in class rather than tree shadow....In my experience,managing two billion like friends is too tough rather than managing a single girl friend.So friends, stay with your cherished circle...but don't when u and your friends are left free to speak unproductive talks....Sometimes it shows their love on u...mostly it shows yourself to them even if u thought to have true friendship on them...

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