Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cadets - War Started

Omg !!It  started already ...Did u get ready for world war- III,?  Each and every nation started to prepare for their affray .Ya our India too is getting ready to give a brawl.Almost all the nations prepared a few missile for just a sake and produced a large number of cadets .India too produces a large number of war cadets and they are more stronger than that of others . So,only many nations mainly America ,Australia,etc are buying our soldiers at a ransom rate. Okay..don't  get exhausted to read further..The top training center in our India for war cadets are i.IIT,ii.NIT,iii.Anna university ,etc Yeah!! I am talking about the educated fighters. In olden days, the war happened with the platform of knifes and then swords ,also further they integrated it to bombs->missiles->rockets.Understanding the brawny feasibility of dropping ballistic missiles over a nation, many countries decided to play the war with their economic strategies .Thus at present, 'WaR Is WiThIn ThE MiNdS '.India too develops its strength by offering educations by subsidy ,free education ,etc .But still, sucking all the offers from India, most of the students mostly,engineers are lured by foreign MNCs and all the special minded ,talented people are transported to abroad lands.Each and every time ,we proud our self  by saying India born foreign citizen has solved this,invented this,etc,etc...But it is not the real proud...Stealing our nation's human wealth is on one hand:; but occupying our farmlands in the name of 'employment provider' by other foreign software companies is another kind of looting our nation resources like soil, tax stipend, free lands,low cost continuous power supply, etc and finally transforming our country to depend on another nation's economy.So friends, don't go and labor under a foreign man although we was once skivvy to them. Let us work for India, India has its own software companies , core jobs and also all other jobs that you can get in foreign countries. Working within India pays less but satisfies more with our family. Work for nation .Contribute  yourself in mindwar on behalf of India as an Indian.
                                                             I TRUST YOU!!

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