Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Can Explain Why World Won't End in 2012?


Yes,I can say the world will bloom for many more years as it has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years. Many pages which I
have liked in Facebook is damn posting filthy posts about doomsday of Earth ,just to get the attention of the people towards their pages.I saw a post saying that a planet called Nirubi is set to onslaught the Earth and the human race will be erased out of Earth's history as that happened to dinosaurs earlier.But,if it is true,then by this time, atleast the shape of such a huge celestial body would be visible to our naked eye.

Mayan Calendar -Perspective

Keeping the above rumors aside,let us talk about Mayan's calendar issue.Every calendar has an end.,whether it is mayan calendar 
or your house calendar.After December,everyone has to buy a new calendar for forthcoming year starting again from January.Likewise,Mayans may not be able to establish their calendar after 2012 due to their inability or they may have thought that it is needless to have a long calendar for thousands of year in advance.Also we can't say that the Earth will not exist after 2012  just in corroboration with Mayan's calendar.I swear where is science???where is the proof??

Some innocent science people in my place explains me that all the planets will align on December of 2012 and due to this there will be a sudden shift in magnetic poles.Don't hold your breath as I did at that time.The last big field reversal happened nearly 800,000 years ago. Bodhidharma and our other ancestor cavemen survived. Geological evidence shows that the field has reversed its orientation tens of thousands of times over Earth history.Yet, there is no definitive evidence that a magnetic field reversal has ever caused any mass extinction due to increased cosmic ray influx.Every year ,Earth and Sun will align approximately at the center of milky way and it is cyclic program that has not caused anything bizarre to human beings.I too know this fact just now when I was resourcing information about doomsday.

Don't get frightened by some false news.Still, many more new and duplicate non-scientific, nonfactual rumors are being created day by day about doomsday.None is true and many fools are posting these rumors mentioning the name of ISRO and NASA. Actually ,both of the organizations had never announced anything about Doomsday. If you see any false post mentioning NASA and ISRO in coordination with doomsday,threaten the publisher saying that they will be punished under the IPC law of 66-A . 

With this I conclude this post saying that.
let us all wait for a Happy New Year 2013

Happy 2013

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