Monday, 20 August 2012

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Even a chirographer can't write a 160 letters in 30 seconds., Yet, we had trained ourselves in typing 160 characters in just a few seconds for Text sms and forwarded it to tens of friends. But,now,TRAI have clipped it to 5, like a winter vacation for fingers of uppity message writers.In fact, they have notched the fingers of students into minuscules by restricting them to chat with their companions via text messages.I saw a status update from my friend's wall., in that Amitab Bachan says to a poor.."I have car, bungalows, and lots of money ",and a troll replies"Dude pls ..I have my complete 5 sms".It is the situation where we are pushed into. It is the solidity, sms can pervade rapidly in mass networks. Most guys are utilizing it,whereas few are misusing it against national integrity.I remember,in my school, if anyone talks during class hours, whole class will be asked to stand as a punishment.,and here also,it seems to be same like that...Assam riots are fake figured one and we have to par all our country-mates.,all Indians are ambiguous whether they are from north or south..Just keep it in mind and gospel it to all. Don't misuse an highly productive technology for peril/savagery jobs.Anyhow, our hands have been tied up with five knots for 15 days..These fifteen days will be a hard crest for me to skate alone without any major contacts with my oceans of friends...
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