Thursday, 22 August 2013


Whatever I have been talked about so far;this one is different, because here I am not talking about economy of a country or love story,Its a more serious issue.Its about how we think and act.This post will definitely urge people to reflect upon.May be people may stop reading may blog too after this because someone has said..

People will hate you, if you make them think.They are only comfortable, if you feed them letting them think, they are thinking.

 Social Conditioning is defined as the way, things have been taught us in this world.What if I say, this morning I woke up,I felt like having a cup of tea in New York,so from my roof,I took a flight in the air and had a cup of tea and went back, doing my daily ordeals.
You won't take a second to realize that what I wrote is definitely impossible.Why because you know,no human can surpass the newton's law of gravity under normal conditions.
But who taught you this?
Who taught us what is correct what is wrong?I am not talking about something  obvious about violation to law of gravity but Just think for a second what if everything is embedded,what if all the principles on which we act are fed or generated by an idea based on feeding .We have no thing to think of our own.

Well to make you get a surface idea of what I am talking: lets talk about some grey areas; Areas thought differently by different people.Who taught us to divide ourselves on the basis of color,caste,creed etc.
We have all been conditioned that the caste/color/creed we belong is the best and we are really happy in being chauvinistic about it.
Not Just it We have all defined what is good  or what is bad.If a guy and girl in a relationship hold hands in private its not at all bad,but LOVE it's considered a taboo.Why because someone taught you;that its bad..Only vulgar people do it many times before marriage.Or even if it wasn't taught,it came embedded.Don't get me wrong.I am not saying people who have love are sort of bad or anything like that,I am just being cynical of  certain people's bullshit having many affairs ,their conservative psychology and beliefs .

More in the next part..But for a change,Let your mind be free..

Before that please consider my words..

Is social conditioning really evil or good ?
How to discriminate between what is obviously correct and what is pseudo Correct if  the conditioning comes from your elders? 

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