Monday, 11 June 2012

GDP is Disabled

Don't Waste GDP

Already,  we knew India stands second in the world population and we Indians are working hard to beat Chinese record 
at least by one million. Most of us are not aware of where we are wasting our human resources.In America, 12 per cent of the population is counted as disabled, the corresponding percentage in England is 18 and in Germany, nine. In India, government statistics claim it is two per cent.We have low percentage of disabled persons than that of other countries.Polio, which has been completely eradicated from our gene pool. But ,due to the presence of lower number of disabled persons we are neglecting these manpower."Many says disabled persons had done some sins in the past birth. Hence, they are punished by god in this present generation" Whereas ,  other groups of people are doing some sympathy programs to display themself infront of god as a purest persons and thinking of that if they help disabled persons ,they are getting a free pass to heaven". Thus we neglecting considerable power obtained from these humans. We should give them opportunities rather than giving them free foods,shelter,and other aids which minuscule their self confidence level.  The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme and the Right to Education Act say that every child in India is guaranteed an education.But most of the schools are feeling hard to give admission to these persons.Why we are neglecting them? Who made us to see specially talented person in different perspective?Obviously, it is our own lack of thought, application of mind, and maybe of heart.Do we want them to be educated, employed, productive, able to look after themselves and their families, contributing to the growth and wealth of our nation? If we want it,then we simply cannot achieve that without including them in our mainstream education system.Don't avoid disabled persons,They are just specially talented persons.Itf you can't accept disabled persons are somewhat specially talented in any areas, then you are disabled man with a nonfunctional heart.Employing these persons will directly increase GDP . At present, daily ,our GPA is downgrading by 0.1 factors so,if we get an ascending of 2 number in our GPA, it will be more useful to reduce price hike.

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