Monday, 19 March 2012

Criminalisation of Politics

   Politics ,It’s a natural thing happening among human beings ,ever since primates attained civilization. Of course, Politics is a icon of civilization due to which people from various ideas came up together, discussed with each other and paved way for the development of human community. The most important achievement of politics is that, it has given us the idea of setting up the government for the welfare of people.
  We Indians are not new to the term politics, we had set up government under the control of a king and we governed us , before anyone in the world knows about the meaning of politics. Thus one can see the excellent govern of politicians during olden days in the sculpture of Indus valley civilization. Since olden days, politics is good when it is under one government(king) .Due to presence of many rulers in the single country ,It has become a main explosive for our unity. So, politics gave the way for the rulers from outside countries to get inside into us.
  Politics! It’s a ditch…corrupted people’s living place .,is what all younger and elder generation says about on hearing the word politics .Actually politics is the most important media for the development of a country .Because It has the most power to settle a economical amendment and also the amendment for the welfare of the people .In the late 20TH century  i.e. immediately after the independence of our country ,leaders were not been aware of corruption that can occur in politics ,during the allocation of laws in our constitution .Absolutely ,this has become a feast for corrupted politicians who can get bribe as well as they misuse our constitution and they will easily get escaped from our sight due to their extraordinary superpower corrupted brain.
 Immediately after the independence of India, there were huge chaos among people on religion ,castes ,language ,etc which has motivated many peoples to get into politics. As a result ,Day by day many political parties aroused. This has not helped the country  for its development but gave the attraction for criminals to get into our fort.
  Of course,No one in the politics will intend to become a corrupted politician. Even some of the politicians are positioned in the status of god by the peoples. Each and every politician before coming to the battlefield will aim to be like a hero among the people groups. In the earlier years, people voted election candidates according to their previous performance ,actually it’s correct diagnosis of that person to be voted. But now a days ,people were expecting the money from the candidate for each and every vote from their family. I am not blaming the innocent Indian people, but they were tempted to get money from the ambitious politicians .In turn, the politician will be forced to get back the money that he had spent during his election campaign through corruption. On total, our constitution has become a business plaza for many politicians.
  The criminalization of politics continues to be a very big concern, with an increase in the number of MPs with criminal records in 2004 from 128 to 150 in 2009. Even the number of MPs with huge criminal cases has gone up. The biggest reason for this seems to be the undemocratic and autocratic selection and nomination of candidates by political parties. In order to ensure the winning probability of candidates, parties ignored honesty to give preference to muscle power and money power. Here I would like to mention the quotes said by our National Election Watch member Mr. L.C.Jain Just like one percent poison is enough to kill a human being, even one percent involvement of candidates with criminal antecedents in democracy is very dangerous. We must root out the criminal elements lock, stock and barrel. It has to be a subject of zero tolerance
 Government has taken many severe steps to compress the corruption like introducing Vohra committee ,etc. But , as I already mentioned politicians are the main framework of the government ,the amendments were attenuated when it comes on the bench of the corrupted politicians .Comparing to other countries ,corruption perception of India is 95 which brings quite unhappy to us. Many activists  like  Anna hazare were fighting and struggling to erase the word corruption from  India. But there are still a mile ahead to do that.
The political parties do not pay attention to inculcate noble political values and principles of citizenship in the people. They do not promote patriotism and commitment to nation-building. They do not want to unite the people of nation by stressing the importance of peaceful living since ,they have entered into the constitution with the help of casteism. On the contrary, they perpetuate the differences among the people and make full use of those differences for creating conflicts among them .The indulgement of cinema actors in political field gave a huge drift to the criminalization of politics .Since illiterate people trust those actors/actress will save them as if they acted like  saving the people in cinema .The above matter can only be viewed on narrow sense. While visualizing the above problem with broadened idea ,we can notice that opposition parties always oppose the acts implemented by the opponent ruling party ,even the act has many good effect for the welfare of the people. And also ,if the act implemented already by the previous government  was having a some boon at its back, the opponent party which became the ruling party now, won’t find a path to solve the problem expect the path of destruction . This will trigger the criminalistic activities by the opponent party.
 To eradicate the criminals from the politics, Each and every politicians should be analyzed by the people ,only with performance that they have done at previous 5 years and not on the behalf of the money given to the family members. People should be aware of the laws and their rights .There should be a strong eligibility criteria on the basis of education for a person to become a member in our constitution , mainly the basic qualification of candidate should be a degree holder .The election commission should scrutinize the application form for each and every election candidate on the basis of educational qualification and also by the cases filed on that candidate. The people of India should properly utilize Right to Information Act to know about their area candidates .They should be believe in notation “Politics not meant for criminals” .Thus where there is trough there will be a crest . Corruption is multifaceted mess and need a multi-pronged analysis to tackle it.We have to take a serious decision for the eradication of glitches  from politics. So, that our India will always be incredible.

1ST  year Student,
Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology,

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