Friday, 23 January 2015

My Mobile !!

I am back with my tech talks.. (hope you remember my earlier posts)
For those who don't know i have a habit of posting big but sensible posts, Namaste !! .
And today's topic is 32bit and 64bit phones..
Ever since Iphone released its 64bit architecture processor,there has been this crazy fight and race among all the mobile manufacturers to produce products for 64 bit powered phones.Now I will discuss the whole thing in as simple and as non clumsy way as i can for everyone to understand.
First of 32bit system worked fine with computers less then 4gigs of Ram but then 32 bits system was not optimized for devices with 4gm Ram and higher than that. That is why the main and primary reason 64bit system was optimized for devices that have higher Ram. Now coming to Mobile world most of the devices have been using 2gb or lesser Ram and
that 64bit version software or processor will make no difference for them as compared to the 32 bit system. The real difference starts with 3gb and higher RAM. Sadly there are not many devices that have such huge volatile memory  yet and the ones that have are slow for software updates or have a processor that was made for 32bit only.
Now lets talk about devices that actually have that really required combination of 64bit enabled Software, Ram and Processor.
1. HTC Desire 820 1.5ghz octacore 2gb ram (still to be updated with 5.0)
2.Yu Yureka same specs running on cyan12 mod which is not taking the advantage of 64bit.
3. Asus Zenphone2 and Zoom Intel 2.3ghz(64bit) 4gb ram and Androd 5.0.1
Now the common questions that everyone must be thinking about while buying a new cellphone , i will try to answer them in my way. (I dont like wasting money just to buy latest gadgets)
Question. I want to buy a new Cell phone should I opt a 64 bit or 32 bit version??
If i purchase a 32 bit will i get the latest updates?? Isnt 32 bit system an old now??

Answer: Right now 64bit architecture is new and is on developing mode. Just like 3 to 4 years back from now when smartphones were introduced it took a while for them to go from 1ghz dual core processor and 1 gb ram to what it is today It will take a while for 64 bit to reach a perfect variants of Right Hardware Software combination. So, if you buy a 32bit powerful device like say Mi4 or Note3 or S5 or Z1OR Z2 or M8 they will perform much better than what current 64bit phones are out in market. Also the latest Android updates are available in both 32bit as well as 64bit version. And while it will take time for developers to make a 64bit variant of Application and Games there is a huge updated stock and community of developers for 32bit versions. So if you are planning to update just bcoz 64 bit is out hold on let it become perfect let it blossom dont waste money.

I am afraid seeing the size of my posts anyways please comment your thoughts and questions about it and i will try to cover up all that in my next post. smiley emoticon :)

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